What a Property Manager Should Post on Social Media

This article gives an insight what a Property Manager could and should post on their Social Media to gain more online presence.
Max Oliviero

Social media is a really useful tool for property management businesses - but it’s very time consuming and can be hard to demonstrate a direct return on your investment.

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So before committing to doing regular updates you should:

  • Check which platforms your clients use.
  • Find out if landlords and tenants use different platforms (e.g. LinkedIn versus TikTok)
  • Work out what you will do if the member of staff who does your updates leaves or goes on holiday
  • Have a social media policy for the firm showing what’s acceptable to post

Right - you are ready to go. 

All social media accounts work best when there’s a clear personality behind the brand. If you have multiple people using the  account, you may want to agree that each person mentions who is doing each post - so followers can see the different people in your team.

Really strong personalities like luxury real estate agent Michael Boulgaris should always be doing their own posts - nobody can imitate his unique personality. And he doesn't use social media at all.

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Bland updates are just plain boring. So how can you find a little “twist” which makes your update worth reading and your account worth following? Doing a deep dive in to your brand values and working with a social media strategist and a graphic designer should really help you here. I ran an account for a business which chose to feature “kiwiana” alongside their promotional social media updates. Followers loved these images and were happy to ready the more mundane updates as part of the pleasure of finding the uniquely kiwi images they posted. 

Others always use their brand colour - by overlaying a filter - or always include updates with hashtags that promote the local area so they can get discovered by people who then start to recognise your brand because of these little unique flourishes. 

List of ideas

  • Unique photographs - a view, a streetview, an architectural feature
  • Quiz or contests such as “guess where we are” 
  • Testimonials - direct quotes in words, video or audio from your clients
  • Issues and challenges you have solved
  • Recommendations of local businesses you use (coffee shops, dog walking services, plumbers)
  • Collections of images e.g. dogs from the locale
  • A poll which asks readers for their preferences [Would you choose an electrician who can come today or a cheaper electrician to come in 3 days?]
  • Follow local hashtags so you can re-share others’ content
  • Profiles of the people you work with - staff, colleagues, contractors, suppliers
  • Charities you support
  • Local events and activities from the high school rugby games to public holidays
  • Milestones you achieve - a colleague’s first 100 days working with you
  • Reminders for property maintenance - these are seasonal and can be repeated
  • Support safety reminders from the fire brigade, police and local authorities 

So take the top idea which looks straightforward and do the social post now. For the rest, add them into your calendar planner so you have time to prepare before your deadline creeps up.

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