The loyalty & reputation toolkit for property managers that makes growth easy.

Umanest simplifies property management and drives faster organic growth. Measure your Net promoter score (NPS) and other critical metrics. Turn happy landlords and tenants into brand advocates, so you can focus on growth.

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Don’t guess which tenants and owners are unhappy and ready to quit or damage your reputation.

Operationally you know how much work it takes to run a single tenancy. You work hard and long hours to deliver a great residential property management service. But what makes you annoyed is that sometimes things don’t run smoothly and you don’t know there’s an issue. It’s guesswork whether your clients are happy or furious.

You know that negative reviews are killing your new client enquiries. And you feel frustrated that you could have fixed the issue if ONLY you’d known about it in the first place.

That’s where Umanest comes in.

Using our customer satisfaction management system you get the certainty and confidence that client issues are uncovered really fast - as they happen - which gives your team time to dive in with a solution, time to have a conversation, time to resolve their anxieties. So your property management service runs more smoothly and hidden issues get dragged into the daylight so they can be solved.

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Without client satisfaction, you can’t focus on your business growth.

To keep your clients loyal and maintain your business reputation, it is critical to take a temperature check at all the key points in the client journey. But doing it manually and consistently is difficult.

And even once you know a client is happy, chasing up for reviews and referrals is hard.

You have attempted to solve this many times - and yet... nothing worked 100%.

You tried doing client satisfaction phone surveys but found they are both difficult and unsustainable as backlogs build up.

Generic online survey and non industry-specific tools look simple, but folks just don’t fill them in and you probably didn’t get the insights you wanted either.

Referrals are just as challenging whether asking for referrals (and all you got were operational issues) or using ethical bribes (in gifts or money). It's a fact - clients don't take you up on your offer.

None of these gave you the results you wanted.

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Profits come from loyal clients.

Until your clients are all happy your business gets straddled with costs from landlord attrition and tenants not renewing their leases.

This leads to missed opportunities where testimonials aren’t collected and your online brand reputation can really suffer as a consequence.

The real benefit of customer satisfaction is incremental profits coming from tenants renewing and landlords bringing you more properties to manage. The flip side is the business cost of losing a tenant, the vacancies, managing the costs of move-outs and marketing to find a new tenant.

You get the idea.... Keeping a tenant is worth more than losing one. And losing a landlord costs more than losing a tenant - because it can impact multiple rentals under management and future opportunities.

Growth and client loyalty is not guesswork.

Use Umanest’s tools to uncover early signs of discontent. Know which properties and which team members are falling below your standards of customer satisfaction. So that you can take action, fast.

With loyal landlords and tenants as your brand advocates, you can focus on business growth and profitability.

Here's how Umanest works.

Satisfaction surveys sent after a new lease and moving

Proactive communication with your clients.

Send satisfaction surveys based on their unique client journey. Discover current client satisfaction levels. Take action fast to save ‘at risk’ relationships. Your clients get heard and feel cared for at all times.

Brand reputation tool displaying Google and Facebook rating, and reviews

Protect and improve your brand reputation.

Leverage social media to grow brand reputation and authority. Collect more positive reviews and authentic testimonials. Automate testimonials posting to social channels. Grow search authority and climb up search rankings.

Landlord feedback after the move in inspection

Get the right information at the right time.

Trigger-based actions and notifications for your team. Set-and-forget messages sent to clients on a pre-set schedule. Use our best practice templates or customise your own workflows.

Great Property Managers focus on relationships.

Umanest makes your business truly client-centric and supports your team efficiently with a solution that has your back.

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Umanest integrates with your property management system.

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Our software assesses your tenant and landlord happiness. Your daily dashboard shows which clients are at risk.

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Umanest recommends what to do, with tried and tested messages which you edit, send, call or mail out.

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Keep track of what every team member has done, and where specific support or training is needed.

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Your swift action retains the ‘at risk’ clients and starts to build your loyalty based business. 

Umanest dashboard showing Net promoter score and recent customer experience

Payback within 2 months or less.

After starting with Umanest, property management firms find it pays for itself within weeks or less. The return on investment only improves over time.

With easily actionable insight and client satisfaction continuously rising, you have instant peace of mind as the business owner.

Get your first testimonials and positive public reviews within days and grow your Google reviews up to 3x faster. With Umanest, you could see your online ranking improve by a few spots every 6 months.

Wendell Property tripled their Google Reviews.

“I love encouraging people to review on Google - we had 40 reviews and since being on Umanest we are now at 129 reviews.
An example is Mrs Lee - she sent me a beautiful thank you when she moved in - she gave us 10/10 and she popped that into Google direct from Umanest. And with no other input we had three 5 star reviews… we didn’t need to even ask.
It was so much work before! Now it’s magnificent.”

Natalie Wendell general manager at Wendell property
Natalie Wendell, General Manager
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3 reasons to use Umanest.

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Retain clients & staff
Your landlords, tenants and staff don’t leave which brings in more revenue for less effort.
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Strengthen your brand
Your testimonials and online reviews get shared on social media as effortless validation of your excellent service.
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Attract new leads
Your reviews are social proof creating reciprocal inbound leads for new business.

Do you want 67% of customers promoting your firm?

Join our live Umanest demo to go “under the hood”. Learn just how easy it is to build client loyalty and brand reputation into your property management business success.

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