Umanest Features

The loyalty and reputation management platform for property management firms.

Proactive communication with your clients.

Send satisfaction surveys based on their unique client journey. Discover current client satisfaction levels. Take action fast to save ‘at risk’ relationships. Your customers get heard and feel cared for at all times.

Protect and improve your brand reputation.

Leverage social media to grow brand reputation and authority. Collect more positive reviews and authentic testimonials. Automate testimonials posting to social channels. Grow search authority and climb up search rankings.

Get the right information at the right time.

Trigger-based actions and notifications for your team. Set-and-forget messages sent to clients on a pre-set schedule. Use our best practice templates or customise your own workflows.

Integrate with your existing management system.

No technical skills required, Umanest integrates with all property management software. Add our loyalty toolkit into your regular workflow. See the results instantly, without disruption to your existing systems.

Built-in customer journey mapping.

We help you map the timeline of a landlord and tenant relationship. Umanest helps at key milestones  by proactively surveying satisfaction.
Rapid ‘one-click’ feedback is automatically added to your dashboard. Progressive satisfaction metrics drive proactive testimonials.

Generate leads without spending on ads.

Ask happy clients for testimonials, referrals and recommendations. Automate posting to social media and Google Business Reviews. Thank clients with memorable hand-written cards - easier than email.

Good decisions only come from reliable information.

Accessible dashboard of performance metrics. Benchmark and compare different offices, teams and portfolios. Lead and reward your team with constructive feedback. Get access to industry-rank comparisons.

Empower your team with role-specific reporting.

Adjust access based on team roles. Set automatic notifications for each role. Business owners and executives get Business Intelligence improvement reports.

Build a great reputation for your business.

Money back guarantee.
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