About us

For clients, it’s hard to know the difference between a good property manager and the best property managers. When clients share social media stories about their property manager, that’s genuine proof. Testimonials, reviews and word of mouth recommendations build reputation like nothing else.

Umanest is on a mission to enable the best property management businesses to improve profitability and supercharge organic growth.

Our secret weapon

When customers are not only satisfied, but are raving fans who cannot conceive of working with any other team, then we know that our business is robust. And what’s more, new client growth happens effortlessly.

Any rival trying to poach our clients will find it incredibly hard to persuade them. Our landlords and tenants love our work, and we can prove it.

Why would the client pay less to another agency? When customer satisfaction and loyalty is baked into the client relationship, price is not a competitive advantage. Fees become inelastic (they matter less than other factors) and clients may agree to advantageous terms in order to continue working with you.

We improve together

When you become an Umanest user, you gain access to our workflows and customer surveys -all designed to help you build the client relationship for the long term.

The “secret sauce” of our best performing clients is integrating surveys into your workflow and aligning this with the customer journey. Each drives a unique business process which reinforces the value of your property management services for that one client.

And no, we’re not going to explain everything here in public - get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Whether your firm is more concerned about defensive or offensive growth, moving to a loyalty business model is the best decision you’ve made this year.

Umanest was founded by a Property Manager with a passion for the industry and its people.

Max Oliviero is the Founder of Umanest - he was a residential property manager leading a team and a portfolio of hundreds of properties. Max knows the industry inside out.

His inspiration for Umanest came from seeing his team suffer burnout as they became frustrated dealing with emotional clients and tenants. He realised that the lack of visibility about what clients actually thought was killing his team’s ability to do a good job.

Umanest is designed to address these underlying issues so that the property management industry can thrive and become an attractive place to build a career.

Humans (People) + Nests (Property) = Umanest

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