Local SEO - what you don't know

Property Managers should know about these tips and tricks about Local SEO and SEO optimization.
Max Oliviero
2-3 mins

Property management is a local business - it’s important for tenants and landlords that you are near the vicinity of the properties you manage. And local businesses need a particular suite of marketing and search engine strategies to have a robust online presence.

The first thing you probably don't know is that google searches are unique and saved on your browser. What does this mean? Well when you do a search for your business by name, the results you see are a reflection of all the past searches you have done (since you last cleared your browser cache). That’s why if you search for your firm and it comes up top of the list you should not be satisfied with the results. To get a better idea of a true result firstly clear your cookie cache, and then search in incognito browser mode.

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Secondly, the search listings on Google My Business are mainly delivered in a radius of 20-50 km from the client’s search location - although you can list for a suburb, a city or a postcode area. This is reinforced by people searching using the phrase “near me”. And of course, Google is trying to give you results that are useful - that do not require you to search again, and that get you a quick answer.  All of which means customers are reluctant to search deep into the second and third pages of the results. The consequence of this is that your SEO should be very precise - think about including the names of suburbs or major roads in your website. One strategy is to create landing pages just for one suburb on which you re-state your services, the people who work in that area and the types of property you manage with local case studies and testimonials. That one page will really help reinforce your search results locally.

For example, NZ Real Estate, to Hamilton, NZ Real Estate. Another example, NZ Insurance Company to Hamilton, NZ Insurance Company. This would be more targeted since the search is much more precise.

Thirdly, you should use other directories and search engines as well as Google. Get yourself a Bing Places listing, use Bark! For local search listings and check out other directories where you can list your business often for free.  

Lastly, do also review Neighbourly. It’s an ultra-local New Zealand advertising platform whose users are very dedicated to updating information and being super helpful when their neighbours ask questions. It may have good property management resources in your area.

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