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Expand your real estate agency's visibility on Google

This article explains the importance of Google Visibility in expanding your Real Estate business' online presence.
Max Oliviero

For New Zealanders, Google is really the only search engine we use. Nationally it’s over 80% of all online searches and so it is the best place for you to promote your property management business.

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Starting a long time ago, Google tried to out-do the Yellow Pages by building listings of all the businesses they could find. This mammoth task has now largely been completed because businesses (like yours) are adding themselves to the listing engine.

There is a suite of services all provided by Google which are combined into Google My Business as a single place for local marketing. 

We recommend you use as many of them as you can to maximise your visibility goals.

The suite starts with maps - that little red pin which shows where your offices are located. 

This is backed by the Google Streetview image of that street frontage. And any photos you upload of the outside and inside of your building and staff.

The details of your listing from your website domain to opening hours and wheelchair accessibility can all be added.

If you sell products, they can be added in the form of a simple online shop listing with categories and prices that link to your website.

And lastly, reviews both on the Google platform and harvested from other websites (Facebook) are included and linked. 

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In summary, Google wants to be at the centre of your local marketing and since most of these services are free, it’s worthwhile getting yourself the maximum profile possible.

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