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Covid-19 : How Property Managers must look after staff and customers

Covid-19 : How Property Managers must look after staff and customers
Max Oliviero
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Covid-19 is a global and unprecedented crisis for the Property Management industry. However, together we can get through.

The most important thing is the well-being of all: staff, tenants, landlords and contractors. It must be monitored.

Usual work environments and means of communication are being significantly affected.

Communication will always remain the cornerstone for success in our industry. Humans are social animals, and relationships are everything.

Property managers ability to carry out face to face tasks will be severely affected during Covid-19

We’re all in this for the long run so let’s prepare for it. You need to put in place sustainable systems to keep your business operating, with teams engaged and work monitored.

The weeks and months to come will be a transition period for businesses to embrace new ways of solving problems, so we can continue serving and connecting with customers in a different environment.

If you are not currently talking to your customers landlords and tenants, now is the time to start being proactive.

How to prepare for prolonged isolation

In practical terms, you need to prepare for alternatives to physical contacts.

Remote working and communication tools need to be accessible and easy to use, for both staff and customers.

You must be able to keep track of how your team is doing so you can provide timely and appropriate support.

You must listen and show care for your customers, as well as track and support staff performance, in a systematic and highly usable way.

Now is the time for companies to empower and trust their staff doing the right thing, because there is simply no other way.

How can we help get property managers through the Covid-19 disruption

At Umanest, we have been helping Property Managers build sustainable businesses by tracking staff performance and customer satisfaction, for years.

Remote monitoring of your staff is our area of expertise.

The transparency we provide with our product has been a game changer for our existing users in terms of understanding their business, empowering their teams and making good decisions.

With remote working and limited contact with customer now becoming very real and likely to last, future-proof your business well beyond the current crisis.

Make proactive communication, customer care and team support an integral and permanent part of your business.


Max Oliviero is helping Property Managers grow profitable and reputable businesses. He is the Founder of Umanest. Connect with Max on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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